Ideas for finding information on PTSD

In this day and age the Internet is the first place for our information. If you are trying to find information pertaining to PTSD try searches on the following:

2. Secondary PTSD
3. PTSD and Families
4. PTSD Medications
5. PTSD Symptoms
7. PTSD Treatments
8. PTSD Coping Skills
9. PTSD Counseling
10. PTSD Triggers

These are just a few ideas of what you can do. Don’t take everything as solid while going through the site. Remember not all Veterans with PTSD display the same symptoms nor do they all fit in one neat little category.

Hope this helps…VVW Staff

If you know of or have found helpful information please send a link to our Webmaster and we will get it up here on our site. Also any other searches you have tried would be welcome.
One of the best sites for information on PTSD & TBI and how to cope with the effects of both. If your a Veteran, Spouse of a Veteran, Child of a Veteran or Friedn of a Veteran go to this site!

PTSD/Vietnam Veteran Wives

Vietnam Veteran Wives was established in 1996 to help woman of combat veterans and research on Agent Orange and Desert Storm illnesses’.  Since beginning the organization we opened the National Veteran Center in Republic, Washington, and have accredited service officers working on veterans claims with a high rate of success.  We also established credentialed veteran counselors working with our veterans on issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to help eliminate the pain the disorder brings to the entire family.  While trying to establish help for the woman I got sidetracked with the veterans because of my own husband needing help with his PTSD.  Since he passed in 2001 it has been brought to my attention we have many subjects on our website but again nothing for the woman, so this is now changing we will have a monthly newsletter on the site for woman with write ups concerning the wives and with posting of those who would like to interact asking questions concerning their problems caused from PTSD.
If you are interested in this subject please submit your questions either on the website or e-mail or write to us at VVW. P.O. Box 396, Republic, Washington 99166  Attention: PTSD/D
All information is kept confidential unless given permission to discuss or put on our site…


Due to the massive influx of returning veterans, most of who have PTSD, and the interest of said matter. VVW has compiled some links to sites that have good insight on the subject.

Please take everything you hear or read with a spoon of sugar. Understand that not all veterans with PTSD fit in one category. Each person has had similar but very individual experiences.

VVW is still in the process of researching more on the VA’s treatment and diagnoses of PTSD and will be posting further information here as we uncover it.

In the meantime here is a few links.

National Center for PTSD

PTSD Alliance

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